Monday, May 28, 2007

In memory of ... Ter nagedachtenis aan ...

On this Memorial Day, we remember ...

All photos copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong and Auke Nijholt, 2002-2013.
Netherlands American Military Cemetery & Memorial Monument

Located near the small town of Margraten - 6 miles east of Maastricht in the region of South Limburg, The Netherlands - the Cemetery & Monument are dedicated to those who served and perished during World War II.

8,301 soldiers from the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain & Mexico are buried here. 1,722 MIAs (missing in action) from the Army and Air Force are remembered on the monument wall in the Memorial Square.


For more on the Memorial Monument & Cemetery history:
 click here (Wikipedia entry in english)

Judy & Auke


Sunday, May 27, 2007

We didn't forget! - Wij zijn het niet vergeten!

copyright Judith Nijholt-Strong
"The Last Clematis" - small study 1
4" x 5", Gouache on Bockingford watercolor paper
No, we havent forgot that we have a blog - everyone here has been very busy the past several weeks! "Mom"and "Dad" were bitten by the Spring Cleaning Bug and decided to paint (witten) the entire interior of the downstairs of the house. What they initially thought would only take a few days to complete, turned into something of a marathon. New paint, new shelves, new window blind, new light fixture, new screen door... you get the picture! It all looks very nice now and Sacha has even promised to not put holes in the new window blind ...hmm, we'll see how long that promise lasts! (Sacha breekt nogal makkelijk een belofte).

Finn in "his" garden.

The Spring weather in the Netherlands has been really pleasent this year. Sacha & I have spent a lot of our time in the back garden (achtertuin) doing, hmmm , the weeding (onkruid wieden) - mostly. I even caught a frog (kikker) and was very proud of that capture (Sacha is usually the hunter around here) , but "mom" took it away from me. grrrrrrrrrrrr
There's not much left of the precious tulips (tulpen) now. We're sort of sad (verdrietig) about that, but "Mom" has been drawing and painting them when she has moments to spare. Later on this week, we'll show you some photos "Dad" made of them.

Sacha on "her" path.
Well, that's all we have time for now. It's a long holiday weekend here, Pinksteren (Pentecost) ... so it's back to work for us!


Groetjes (regards) ,
Finn & Sacha

P.S. ,
We know it's also Memorial Day in the United States and a Bank Holiday in the UK (Canada too? we're not sure) anyway, we hope everyone we know here, there, & everywhere has a great extended weekend. We can't keep up with all these "earthly holidays" ... on Cattonia (the planet all cats on earth are originally from), it's a holiday everyday. Bye!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

You're it! - Jij bent 'em!

What Sacha really thinks about being tagged!

Tagged! ("Seven things you didn't know about ... ", blog game thingy)

Robyn, from Have Dogs, Will Travel , has tagged our mom. Ouf! Blogging Blackmail !!! So now, "mom's" supposed to tell you seven things about herself that most people don't know. Of course, this is our blog so we'll let you in on some secrets about us as well. Yep that's right, making the most of this moment, you get 14 useless bits of info here at Kats-in-Klompen.

Then we have to tag 7 other art bloggers we know (well, we think it's art bloggers). Right, errm, let's see, most of the art bloggers we read have already been tagged as far as we know. Even Chuck Law was tagged by someone else and he's our cat friends, Owen & Edie's, human! So maybe it will only be 2 ... helaas, pindakaas! (alas, peanutbutter).

Ok, as we said, this is our blog , so we're going first!

7 things you didn't know about Finn & Sacha:

1.) We are adopted cats. The folks who had us before (also an American woman married to a Dutchman) couldn’t keep us, so “mom” & “dad” adopted us. See we were destined to be tri-lingual.

2.) Sacha’s original name, from our first owners, was Dora! eww! Mom hated that name so "Dora" (ackk , we can hardly type that awful name), became Sacha. ;-)

3.) Finn likes to eat sautéed mushrooms (even if there's no butter involved), especially if they are garlicky & sautéed in wine. He’s strange, but you knew that.

4.) Sacha is the high roof-climber in the house and is on the “S" list of many of our neighbors...especially the one who owns a parakeet . Sacha has been known to climb into the attic windows of others’ houses on our street... naughty girl!

5.) Finn is allergic to the cat litter, any brand ... he always sneezes after doing his business.

6.) Sacha caught a fish from the little canal that runs behind our house, it was a pretty good size too – she’s the “hunter-gatherer” in the family.

7.) Finn can say “Tot gauw!” - seriously, he can ... that’s dutch for “See you later!”.

And now ...

7 things you didn't know about "our mom", Judy.

1.) She is ambidextrous. Although she tends to favor her right hand for drawing and writing, in a pinch she can, and does, draw & paint with her left hand. Other tasks, like building things or cutting things or fixing things, she uses either hand.

2.) Some of our blog readers probably don’t know that "mom" has Fine Art degrees in Ceramics & Photography (others of you are probably bored with this info by now).

3.) Some blog readers probably don’t know that “mom” has a ceramic piece in the collection of the White House in Washington, D.C. and she was a professional pottter/sculptress in the US for 23 years (some of you know this too ... bored, aren’t you?).

4.) She was the recipient of a State of Florida's Fine Arts Council, Visual Artists Fellowship Grant Award in 1978-79. She says that the grant award sure helped set up her pottery studio and with which she bought her first kiln!

5.) She can cross both eyes and then move her left eye back to the correct postition without uncrossing her right eye. (A note from "mom" : I have no idea why I thought this would be a good talent, but I started practicing this little trick around the age of 14 ... probably just to annoy my mother who always said “don’t do that, they’ll freeze that way and then you’ll never get married” Fooled her! Heh heh.)

6.) "Mom" has been a published childrens’ book author (not novels, but creative puzzle books with fun facts) published under her maiden name, by Scholastic Books and Troll/Watermill Press publishers. The titles are, respectively: "Wandering Through the Wild, Nature Mazes", "Greasy, Grimy, Goofy Mazes" and "Slippery, Slimy, Silly Mazes". Alas, these books were published in early 90’s and are no longer published by either Scholastic or Troll – so, no longer in print. Although, we've have seen them for sale on some book outlet internet sites (last place we saw them was here, these are overruns).

7). She can tap dance and play guitar... but not at the same time or else she'd have joined a circus or a band of street buskers.

Alright, we have tagged only 2 people as everyone else in our list has been tagged before:

1) Mary Woodul at A Constant Search . Besides being our "mom's" co-Moderator over at WetCanvas! (making her a convenient target for tagging! *grin*), Mary is a very, very talented fine artist living in Mexico. Her recent works, in graphite and charcoal, are simply stunning and she does some cool abstracts and encaustics as well.

2) René at René Plein Aire . René paints some wonderful plein aires around Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We've been following his work since we began blogging and he finds some really interesting places to get down on canvas! Erg mooi! (really beautiful). We wonder if he'll tell us something about himself?

Well, that's it! We can't think of anyone else to blackmail ... lol

Tot ziens! (Until we see you again!)
Finn, Sacha & Judy
Pay no attention to the following phrase (it's rubbish), we're just testing something here: It should be added that the disjunctive perturbation of the spatial relationships seems very disturbing in light of a participation in the critical dialogue of the 90s.


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